Over the years I’ve dabbled with several sites, most have been pretty experimental coded by hand in PHP, playing around with HTML, CSS and MySQL. The results were modestly successful, the most notably the Carrington Wine Club site where I recorded our tastings for about 7 years, but I always struggled with little formatting gotchas, driving me to distraction.

I’ve always wanted to create a personal site, but one of the challenges has always been the domain name. It’s been registered for years but for quite a while has languished unused. When my name as a domain name came up I managed to snag it, it’s time to launch my personal site!

I’ve known about, and dabbled with WordPress for years. This time I decided to go easy on myself and just use WordPress, and yes I was probably influenced by recently listening to the Q&A session Matt Mullenweg: Characteristics and Practices of Successful Entrepreneurs on the Tim Ferriss podcast.

I’m starting off with WordPress 4.6.1. I say starting because the hosting service I use, Dreamhost, has a option to automatically upgrade so the version is likely to change. The vanilla WordPress theme is not that interesting so after a brief investigation I decided to spring for the Divi theme and Divi Builder plugin. It was a quick decision because I decided to take advantage of a Black Friday discount.

So here goes, lets see where this all goes.